Qscout on farm testing


With Qscout you have a lab on your farm; the Qscout Farmlab.

MoreMilk2Day will come to your farm (NL,DE,DK) or collect the milk from your farm to analyse samples of each quarter of the cows you have selected for testing.

Within 3 min per cow the test will analyse the TLC (Total Leukocyte Count) of each quarter and differentiate between neutrophiles, lymphocytes and macrophages.

Together with your  MoreMilk2Day consultant you can make decisions on the spot on how to treat or dry-off your cows.

to read more about qscout check here: Q-Scout MLD


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Test your cows for sub-clinical mastitis and run dry-off cows through Qscout.

Convenient on  farm; you choose; once, every 4 weeks, every 6 weeks or each 3 months.



NB Please contact us if you wish to purchase a Qscout for your farm, veterinary practice of research/consulting company



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